Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Spreadshirt.com, your on-demand merchandise provider. We’re excited that you’ve partnered with us for your fan merchandise. Here are some directions to get you started:

Here are some directions to get you started:

  • Go to www.spreadshirt.com and click "Login" in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then from that same corner select Your Account in the drop down to access the admin area.
  • In the top navigation bar, you will see Overview, Designs & Products, Marketing, Shop Settings, Sales Statistics, and Account Settings

Quick Overview of Menu Options:

Designs & Products tab: This is where you will build the foundation for your shop.

On the left navigation you’ll first be brought to Upload Designs. From here you can simply upload your own designs, logos, taglines, etc. for your merchandise. Should you run into any trouble, checkout out the FAQ section.

Publish: Here you’ll find the menu options for My Designs and My Products.

Within My Designs you’ll find all of the designs you’ve loaded into the account.

More importantly let’s get to creating Products! Select My Products and then click the Teal button “New Product” to load our exclusive Product Designer. Through the designer, you can pick from over 150 product types including t-­‐shirts, hoodies, tank tops, cell phone covers and many more, and then simply add your own logos and designs.

**Please note: In addition to your own designs you can opt to use any number of designs available on our Spreadshirt marketplace that other partners have opted to sell the use of with an additional design commission.

Step by Step Process

  1. Click on the “Choose Product” tab at the top of the designer. You can select the product you’d like to design by scrolling through the product menu on the left side of the designer and double-­‐clicking on the product of your choice.
  2. Click “Choose Design” and select the desired design. Use the options on the designer to enlarge, rotate and place where you’d like within the products printable area. Design costs vary depending on the design print type.
  3. Click “Choose Design” and select the desired design. Use the options on the designer to enlarge, rotate and place where you’d like within the products printable area. Design costs vary depending on the design print type.
    You can also “Add Text” and select from our 30 different fonts and 19 color swatches to write on your products. You’ll have the option to make them fuzzy, glow in the dark or even neon.
  • Top Selling Product Types: The following products have sold the best in our partner shops and you may want to consider them for your own:
  • Basic Tees, Premium Tees, Work Out Wear, Posters, Trucker Caps, Muscle Tees, Children's Tees, Phone Cases, Baseball Tees, Hoodies, Flowy Tanks and more.
  • Our business model allows you to pick the items that work best for you!

How to Style my Shop

Shop Skin and Look:

Settings & More

Shop Settings Tab

  • URL: Here you’ll find a “URL & Linking” menu option that will bring you to the area where you can set your custom shop URL. We recommend you use your channel name.
  • Sales Statistics Tab

  • Want to know more about your shop sales? Reading the statistics will help you have a better understanding of what your audience likes. You can add more content and change what you are offering by keeping on top of your stats.
  • Measure your success by checking out our Conversion Stats & Referrers reports where you’ll see how many people visit your shop, how many are buying and where they’re coming from.
  • WARNING: the “Statistics” tab is addicting. It’s kind of like pistachios, your morning coffee or a few thousand games of Candy Crush. It becomes an obsession to check how you’re doing and which of your products are moving (and which ones aren’t).
  • Marketing Tab

  • Getting the word out about your shop is everything! Here are some helpful tools: The News menu option is the go to place for update on upcoming promotions, new products, latest strategy and inspiration for shop partners.
  • Don’t miss the Facebook Sharing Tool here where you can create your own post using beauty shots from the shop and you can even upload your own images to promote the shop to your fans and followers.

What You Need To Do To Succeed:

  • Post Your Shop On Youtube:

  • Post the shop app with your other social apps top right of your channel.
    Share the link to your shop within your YouTube annotations and More Info
  • Post Your Shop In Social Media:

  • We highly recommend that you also put the link up on any other social media platforms that you may use
    (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc.)
  • Update Your Shop Content:

  • Update the content in your shop as you please to keep things fresh – check out your top ten reports for what’s selling and always sort your products keeping top items on page 1 along with the new stuff. Search out viral opportunities when brainstorming designs and ask your fans what they would like to see on a shirt! Wear one of your shirts in a video – give a face to the products! These are great ways to market your brand by making your gear available to your subscribers and fans.
  • If you have any questions or run into any problems, contact our service team here: partners@spreadshirt.com
  • For additional information on shops, designs, etc. check out this helpful link: http://www.spreadshirt.com/spreaducaTon-C3553
  • Thank you for joining us,
  • Spreadshirt.com